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Lions eat lambs.

This course and workshop focuses on advancing sales skills through experience. You will be run through the gauntlet with new interactive training and exercises enabling you to easily turn more telephone calls into appointments, close more service sales, and increase gross profits. Student performance is closely monitored and analyzed on instant video replay. We guarantee the knowledge and new skills gained from this workshop will change the way business is being done. This course utilities and trains:

  • Advanced selling techniques and methods.
  • Developing new sales strategies
  • Increasing profits
  • Closing more sales
  • Improving customer retention rates.

Course notes:

*An asterisk in course titles indicate scheduled live, instructor-led workshops and not available in the self-paced format.

The Service Advisor Mastery Program is a 12-month rolling drop-in course which focuses on deep, intense sales training and coaching. A new track of the course begins each quarter.

Advisor advanced course shop owners can be assured this results-based training and ongoing coaching will improve the shop's efficiency, hours per repair order, customer satisfaction, technician productivity, and overall a consistently healthy bottom line. This Service Advisor program provides detailed, thorough, precise, intense Training, Coaching, and Accountability that transforms Service Advisors.

This is not some one-day interactive lecture; it is a heavy-duty, intense ongoing training and coaching solution designed and intended for the long-haul. It's an investment meant for your team to grow and improve over time consistently, continually, and profitably.

What makes a quality repair shop?

In the eyes of the client, it is the first impression of the service advisor. Improve your facility so as to provide a better selling environment and create a team-approach to sales. The well-trained service advisor provides quality service and is the key to winning and keeping clients. With the proven techniques are covered:

  • Improve listening skills and customer-handling techniques.
  • Better solve customer complaints.
  • Improve telephone selling and conversions.
  • Implementing more profitable selling phrases.
  • Improve customer write-up and follow-through.
  • Write more profitable repair orders.
  • Sell diagnostic labor more profitably.

To increase gross profit and convert customer complaints into higher satisfaction in this day of intense competition, it is imperative that service advisors improve their communication and sales skills.

Course notes:

*An asterisk in course titles indicate scheduled live, instructor-led workshops and not available in the self-paced format.